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A Home Studio Guide for Voice Talent

This is a quick intro to "Theater of the Mind."   Something you should always consider when producing audio.  It will set you apart from the herd.   (ok, “heard”)

Home Studio Handbook: Advanced: Production Edition

Home Studio Handbook: Beginners Edition

Here are both my ebooks free for memebers of our community.  Much has changed in recent years, so this is just information I have gathered over 40+ years of recording, building and running full service production studios and as a SAG-AFTRA voice talent, and should be passed on.  These were written a few years ago, so some of the specific information is getting a bit stale, (mostly software and equipment suggestions) however most of it can be updated with a few google searches, going to the Sweetwater website and seeing what's new, or hitting Youtube.  The basics are here.  


The purpose of these books is to get you past all the technical stuff so you can start concentrating on the art of your voice and/or production work. 

All the tech stuff is necessary, but once it is second nature, you will be able to produce better reads, and your files will sound close to pro studio quality.

Either guide is meant for voice talent setting up home studios, new guys, studio interns, and engineers trying to expand their knowledge of techniques to improve spoken voice recording and editing.

These are basic, real world solutions and get-arounds to common problems experienced in home studio set-up, recording, and editing voice, and advanced production techniques.  And opinions.  Go forth......

                              Make some joyful noise.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them, or at least, point you in the right direction:  

email  nick@radiocityrecording.com

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